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Michalet and coworkers used quantum dots for single-particle tracking using biotin-quantum dots in HeLa cells. The main approaches used in CB are illustrated using several post-translational modifications PTMs of proteins. In a protein redesign experiment, an existing sequence serves as the starting point for directed evolution. Apply Now. Professor Catherine F. In the biocatalysis area, his aim is to engineer enzymes that can be used in the synthesis and semisynthesis of pharmaceutical compounds.

Impact factor: 2. Online ISSN: On the Cover Skip slideshow. The front cover image is based on the Special Issue Article Label-free molecular probe based on G-quadruplex and strand displacement for sensitive and selective detection and naked eye discrimination of exon 2 deletion of AIMP2 by Ruimin Zang et al. The back cover image is based on the Special Issue Article Design of multi-drug combinations for poly-pharmacological effects using composition-activity relationship modeling and multi-objective optimization approach: Application in traditional Chinese medicine by Bo Fan et al.

The chemical biology of aptamers.

The cover image is based on the Research Article Antitumor effect of palmitic acid-conjugated DsiRNA for colon cancer in a mousesubcutaneous tumor model by Takanori Kubo et al. Compound 6 was concluded to be an alternative agent for treatment of hepatocellular carcinoma as it triggers intrinsic apoptotic pathway.

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It is suggested that this KA derivative may be handled unaccompanied or considered to develop combination therapies along with clinically accepted approaches in order to treat HCC as it is proved to be capable of killing the tumor cells without harming the healthy cells or provoking drug resistance. The descriptors generated by this tool can be directly utilized as the feature vector input for the development of proteomics statistical or machine learning predictive model.

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All the synthesized compounds have been tested in vitro to evaluate their cytotoxicity towards four cancer cell lines. The majority of obtained compounds are active at nanomolar concentrations, lower than those of colchicine, doxorubicin, and cisplatin. For additional information, details, and more on this program, go here.

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The students are expected to earn at least credits including common core subjects, specialized subjects, field work, independent study project, and graduation thesis. Contact us Access Maps Materials. Introduction Admissions Schools Admissions Policy We seek to recruit students who are concerned with this combined academic area.

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Chemistry & Biology publishes reports of novel investigations in all areas at the interface of chemistry and biology. Chemistry & Biology. Read the latest articles of Chemistry & Biology at, Elsevier's leading platform of peer-reviewed scholarly literature.

Graduation Requirements The students are expected to earn at least credits including common core subjects, specialized subjects, field work, independent study project, and graduation thesis. Related facilities.

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Journal Citation Reports Clarivate Analytics, You'll be in good company. Journal of Lipid Research. In this issue Age modulates liver responses to amino acid stress Antibodies that span protein dimer interfaces Mitochondrial plasticity in cell fate regulation Papers in Press Sept 20 - Inhibitors block seeding by disease-associated tau fibrils Sept 20 - Bcd1-mediated snoRNP assembly.

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