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In your text, when you need to give a reference for a claim or assertion, you would use a citation , linked to your full bibliography at the end of your work. There are two main systems for doing this:.

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The Oxford Referencing System relies on footnotes. The first time you reference a publication, you would give a footnote reference, for example:. Footnote 3, in this example, would contain the complete bibliographic reference see above to the relevant publication. When you subsequently reference the same source, you should include a further footnote, but this time you need only include the author, date of publication, and page number if appropriate, for example:.

The Harvard Referencing System does not use footnotes for references.

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Instead, the reference is always given in the main text as the author's name and date of publication, and where a direct quotation is used the page number should also be given. For example:. In both the Oxford and Harvard systems, you must include a full bibliography at the end of the chapter, article, or book, containing all of the references in full bibliographic form, as shown on this page, in several widely-used styles.

If there is no preference or requirement, you can use any style, but the guidelines below give the conventional use:. Evaluating Contract Claims explains in detail how the base from which evaluation of additional payments may be established, the effect of changes on the programme of work and the sources of information for evaluation of additional payments. The book also contains information for evaluating the direct consequences of change in terms of the impact on unit rates, and evaluating of the time consequences of change in terms of prolongation, disruption, acceleration and more.

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Appendix A: Example of financial accounts. Appendix B: Example of management accounts.

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Evaluating Contract Claims

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