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This is evident in the film when Picard chooses to rescue Data rather than evacuate the ship with the rest of the crew. The moment marks a turning point in the film as Picard changes his mind, symbolized by his putting down his phaser. In First Contact , the individually inscrutable and faceless Borg fulfill the role of the similarly unreadable whale in Melville's work.

Picard, like Ahab, has been hurt by his nemesis, and author Elizabeth Hinds said it makes sense that Picard should "opt for the perverse alternative of remaining on board ship to fight" the Borg rather than take the only sensible option left, to destroy the ship.

In the end, it is Lily the 21st-century woman who shows Picard the 24th-century man that his quest for revenge is the primitive behavior that humans had evolved to not use. The nature of the Borg, specifically as seen in First Contact , has been the subject of critical discussion.

The Battle of Sector 001

Author Joanna Zylinska notes that while other alien species are tolerated by humanity in Star Trek , the Borg are viewed differently because of their cybernetic alterations and the loss of personal freedom and autonomy. Members of the crew who are assimilated into the Collective are subsequently viewed as "polluted by technology" and less than human. Zylinska draws comparisons between the technological distinction of humanity and machine in Star Trek and the work of artists such as Stelarc.

Several novelizations of the film were written for different age groups. Playmates Toys produced six- and nine-inch action figures in addition to ship models and a phaser. The game, Star Trek: Borg , functioned as an interactive movie with scenes filmed at the same time as First Contact 's production. Paramount heavily marketed the film on the internet via a First Contact web site, which averaged 4.

Star Trek: First Contact

After the screening, 1, guests crossed the street to the Hollywood Colonnade, where the interiors had been dressed to match settings from the film: the holodeck nightclub, part of the bridge, a "star room", the Borg hive and the "crash 'n' burn lounge". First Contact garnered positive reviews on release.

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Star Trek: First Contact is a American science fiction film directed by Jonathan Frakes (in his directorial debut) and based on the franchise Star Trek. It is the. The Borg travel back in time intent on preventing Earth's first contact with an alien species. Captain Picard and his crew pursue them to ensure that Zefram.

It has morphed into something less innocent and more derivative than it used to be, something the noncultist is ever less likely to enjoy. The film's acting met with mixed reception. Lisa Schwarzbaum of Entertainment Weekly appreciated that guest stars Woodard and Cromwell were used in "inventive contrast" to their better-known images, as a "serious dramatic actress" and "dancing farmer in Babe ", respectively.

Petersburg Times opined that only Cromwell received a choice role in the film, "so he steals the show by default". Here is real acting! In a Star Trek film! The special effects were generally praised. Ebert wrote that while previous films had often looked "clunky" in the effects department, First Contact benefited from the latest in effects technology.

Critics reacted favorably to the Borg, describing them as akin to creatures from Hellraiser. First Contact was released on VHS in late as one of several titles expected to boost sluggish sales at video retailers. When Paramount announced its first slate of DVD releases in August , First Contact was one of the first ten titles released in October, [] announced in a conscious effort to showcase effects-driven films. The film was presented in its original 2.

A First Contact "Special Collector's Edition" two-disc set was released in at the same time as three other Next Generation films and Star Trek: Enterprise ' s fourth season, marking the first time that every film and episode of the franchise was available on home video. Paramount announced that all four Next Generation films would be released on high-definition Blu-ray on September 22, First Contact special features for the Blu-ray version contain "Scene Deconstruction" featurettes and new commentary by writers Damon Lindelof and Anthony Pascale.

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LILY: Back off! The actors all seem very comfortable in their interactions with one another. Come on, Lily, one more round. Worf allows the deflector to drift away from the ship, then destroys it with his phaser rifle. From the moment he said that, the design was cursed. Three, two, one, mark.

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