Insult to Intelligence: The Bureaucratic Invasion of Our Classrooms

Technology in education: Equity and theory are key
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Insult to Intelligence: The Bureaucratic Invasion of Our Classrooms [Frank Smith] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Common sense tells us. Insult to Intelligence: The Bureaucratic Invasion of Our Classroom [Frank Smith] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Criticizes the current.

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  • Insult to intelligence.
  • Insult to intelligence.

Learning is Fun. Good Signs: Your child is keen to get to school and sometimes to spend extra timethere; uses library.

Epilogue: Choosing to Learn or Not-Learn in School

Bad Signs: Your child is apprehensive about school; feigns reasons to avoid school; skips classes;. Good Signs: Your child wants to involve you in school activities; is proud of class and school; makes. Bad Signs: Your child talks only negatively of school or not at all; talksof "falling behind" or.

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Good Signs: Your child brings home materials that interests you -- stories, maps, models, projects. Good Signs: Your child likes to read, write, figure, and plan; is interested in science and social affairs;. Bad Signs Your child indiscriminately watches television; is bored; doesn't read; gives indications of.

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Good Signs: The classroom is full of book not all in class sets , magazines, models, specimens, maps. There is an up to-date notice board of messages, reminders, and. Bad Signs: The classroom is bare of all materials except what thechildren happen to be working on at. There are unchanging wall displays; a predominance of workbooks and duplicated materials; a.

the bureaucratic invasion of our classrooms

Good Signs: The teacher understands and uses the technology creatively. Children help each other on. Bad Signs: Computers are used for drills.

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Computers are used only for "computer literacy" courses. Good Signs: The teacher finds time to talk informally to children individually or in small groups. Good Signs There are always interesting activities for individuals and self-selected groups. Children can say "where they are" in. There are no fixed timings for study.

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Insult to Intelligence : The Bureaucratic Invasion of Our Classrooms

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