The Cooks Illustrated Meat Book

The Cook’s Illustrated Meat Book
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After applying the rub, I refrigerated the roasts overnight, to let the flavors better penetrate the meat. The next day, I grilled them using indirect heat until they were about halfway done, then finished them off over direct heat, cooking each roast to medium-rare. This technique is perfect, since it allowed me to bring the roasts to temperature without overly blackening the outside.

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I let the roasts rest and ran them through our meat slicer a recent gift from our friends Paleo Parents for helping them shoot the cover for their new cookbook, Real Life Paleo. And then we dug in. We vacuum-sealed the leftovers for a quick weeknight dinner or two.

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Like Like. I definitely want to get this one. Thanks for doing this review. Questions for you Russ: I follow PHD, but I have a really hard time with liver and beef bone broth, and tallow, taste- and smell-wise. Do you have any recommendations for preparation that would be more palatable?

How to Store Meat

I do like beef though, On liver, all that I usually do is saute it in either ghee or chicken fat, but I have to force it down when I eat it. Any thoughts? It looks like a lot of effort but you could knock out a bunch at once!

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Thanks Russ, those are great tips! So what cuts of beef are you adding to your bones? Do you suggest those or are there better options? I do like your roast first method for best flavor too.

I also include the roasted veggies in the stock because I think it greatly enhances flavor. Maybe I should only use that type of stock for reductions or stews, etc, where there are other complex flavors present, and then reserve the tastier stock that I make myself using your method for soups or broths where more of the stock flavor is more present in the dish? And thanks for those tips on the liver. Sounds like we pan fry it the same way. The gelatin capsules might be a good option for me too.

Cook's Illustrated Meat Cookbook

Do you have a favorite or I should say, least undesirable, type — beef, lamb or goat? I can get all 3. Any suggestions for preparation or great uses in dishes???

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Susan, I usually add bones with meat on them, like oxtails. By far, short ribs and oxtail are my favorites to use, though. Do you have an Instant Pot electric pressure cooker?

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We prefer beef liver over lamb or goat, it tends to be more mild in flavor. I will try adding oxtails and short ribs. I agree with you on the beef liver being the least offensive tasting ruminant. All Time Best Holiday Entertain Hardback Published 05 Sep Hardback Published 01 Mar The Cook's Illustrated Baking B Cook's Illustrated , Hardback Published 03 Nov Cook's Illustrated Cook's Illustrated Mag Hardback Published 03 Nov Cooks Illustrated Cook's Illustrated Mag Paperback Published 03 Nov Hardback Published 01 Dec Cook's Illustrated Index, Paperback Published 01 Dec Cook's Illustrated Mag Pocket Chef Cook's Illustrated Mag Hardback Published 02 Jun Hardback Published 01 Nov Hardback Published 10 Sep Hardback Published 31 Aug Hardback Published 29 Sep Hardback Published 01 Jul