The Double Task

Double Trouble
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Specifying both a task and target like grunt concat:foo or grunt concat:bar will process just the specified target's configuration, while running grunt concat will iterate over all targets, processing each in turn. Note that if a task has been renamed with grunt. Most of the contrib tasks, including the grunt-contrib-jshint plugin jshint task and grunt-contrib-concat plugin concat task are multi tasks.

Given the specified configuration, this example multi task would log foo: 1,2,3 if Grunt was run via grunt log:foo , or it would log bar: hello world if Grunt was run via grunt log:bar. If Grunt was run as grunt log however, it would log foo: 1,2,3 then bar: hello world then baz: false. When a basic task is run, Grunt doesn't look at the configuration or environment—it just runs the specified task function, passing any specified colon-separated arguments in as function arguments. This example task logs foo, testing if Grunt is run via grunt foo:testing If the task is run without arguments as grunt foo the task logs foo, no args.

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You can go crazy with tasks. If your tasks don't follow the "multi task" structure, use a custom task. Tasks can be dependent on the successful execution of other tasks.

The Double Task of the East German Border Guards: Policing the Border and Military Functions

Note that grunt. It'll just check to see that it has run and not failed.


The other factors vision, cognitive task and type of movement did not show significant difference. In the relative error, results showed that the cognitive task concomitant to movement was capable of producing significant difference; however, the other factors individuals, vision and type of movement were not. Age affects the accuracy of the proprioceptive sense, regardless of the situation.

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Define double task (verb) and get synonyms. What is double task (verb)? double task (verb) meaning, pronunciation and more by Macmillan. The Double Task Approach originated by Harold Bridger. The double task approach was developed by Harold Bridger at the Tavistock Institute of Human Relations in the s. The need for a double task approach is pervasive in work organisations.

There was no difference between performing the movement with and without the aid of vision, and the double task motor associated with cognitive affects the consistency of the movement. This website uses cookies to enhance your browsing experience. Like most other websites, we use cookies to help improve the experience for site visitors.

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