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Electronic voting by country
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Jeannine Amber and Carrie Goldberg. How to Be an Antiracist. Ibram X. Your voice can make the difference in whether these reforms come to pass. In , the U. It would make it easier for voters to cast a ballot and harder for lawmakers to gerrymander, transform how campaigns are funded to amplify the voices of ordinary Americans, and bolster election security and government ethics. In the same year, N. House Bill would restore the final Saturday of Early Voting and put the flexibility to determine Early Voting schedules and sites back in the hands of the county Boards of Elections where it belongs.

This transformational bill is one of seven redistricting reform options introduced in the long session.

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Are domestic campaign organizations adopting similar tactics? France Diplomatie. Maine Town and City Clerks Association. A homogeneous legislature in a heterogeneous society is simply not legitimate. How can ordinary people judge what they're hearing? November 20,

Disenfranchising those who are living and working in our communities while completing their sentence is confusing for probation officers, election officials, and the individuals themselves. This timely, bipartisan legislation would help modernize N.